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COVID-19 Guidance, Streamline e-Bulletin and events information

    COVID-19 Guidance

    Refer to the following for general information and guidance on COVID-19:

    Victorian HREC Research Managers COVID-19 statement:

    "In response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Hospital Research Ethics & Governance Offices across Victoria are working to ensure that ethics and governance reviews of COVID-19 related clinical trials and health research projects are encouraged, supported and expedited to meet these challenging times.

    We ask for patience, flexibility and creativity from all stakeholders as we work together to accelerate research during this rapidly evolving healthcare emergency.

    The Hospital Research Managers Sub-Committee is supported by the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health, Monash Partners and Western Alliance."

    Please contact Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre on 03 8572 2637 for further information regarding Victorian HRECs.

    Refer to the Victorian hospital Research Office for contact details.

    PICF for future Coronavirus or related research

    A PICF template is available for the collection of health information and samples for future Coronavirus or related research. Information in the PICF refers to Victorian legislation. If using this PICF under NMA it will be necessary for other jurisdictions to insert specific legislation (if applicable) for health information and samples.

    Refer to the following table for details.

    Streamline e-Bulletin

    This communication is open to all stakeholders in research and clinical trials sectors. Email us to register for the Streamline eBulletin:

    Past Streamline e-Bulletins


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