Teletrials-Under Development


    The National Teletrials Compendium supports a national approach to teletrials and consists of two publications:

    • National Standard Operating Procedures for Clinical Trials, including Teletrials in Australia
    • National Principles for Teletrials in Australia

    The National Standard Operating Procedures will help organisations to standardise their procedures for clinical trials and teletrials. A Supervision Plan for teletrial sites is included in this document.

    Guidance for Teletrials

    The Multisite Clinical Trials v Teletrials Matrix outlines specific details and compares Teletrials with multisite trials.

    A teletrial governance checklist is available for investigators which includes the governance requirements for teletrials. See the Research Governance Checklist .

    Clinical Trial Research Agreement (CTRA) Teletrial subcontract is available for studies under a teletrial model.

    The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Teletrials Program provides additional information on teletrials.